10dollarmall.com Website Review & Ratings + 10 Dollar Mall Coupons
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10dollarmall.com Website Review & Ratings + 10 Dollar Mall Coupons

Ah, the 10 Dollar Mall, I couldn't think of a more appropriate name for this business. The ones who coined the name have definitely nailed it head-on. 10 Dollar Mall sells clothing products for men, women and children at a price of $10 or less. So that you know what you products you could purchase from the entity, I have lined them all up just for you. So before flocking to their website, first take a look at what the company has to offer.

Tops for Women







10 Dollar Mall also sells jackets, vests, sportswear, socks, handbags, perfume and makeup for women.

Products for Men

10 Dollar Mall: What makes it different?

In this portion of the review, we take a look at what makes 10 Dollar Mall extremely great and also some of the things that make the company less likeable.

Pros of 10 Dollar Mall

  1. Rated A+ by the BBB - after having reviewed a lot of online boutiques that have no BBB accreditation, I am extremely impressed with 10 Dollar Mall. Not only is it accredited by the Better Business Bureau, it has also garnered the highest rating that a business could achieve - an A+.
  2. Accepts PayPal - I think the ability to accept PayPal payments is a must for every online store. Thankfully, 10 Dollar Mall supports PayPal.
  3. 1 Year Return Policy - This is way above the industry standards for returns. Most clothing companies have a 30-day money back guarantee but 10 Dollar Mall has an unparalleled 1 year return policy!
  4. Excellent Customer Service - the BBB rating is enough proof that 10 Dollar Mall offers excellent customer service to the customers.
  5. Easy Site Navigation - the website of 10 Dollar Mall is easy to navigate. Products could be browsed according to price, rating, alphabetical order, etc.

Cons of 10 Dollar Mall

  1. Does not ship internationally - I hope that 10 Dollar Mall would cater to cutomers worldwide sometime in the future.
  2. No live chat - though their customer service is great, their website does not support live chat.
10 Dollar Mall vs. primary competitors (sites similar to 10 Dollar Mall)

10 Dollar Mall has a lot of competitors but only a few could match its prices. In this review, I would mention 2 online stores that come close to matching the prices of 10 Dollar Mall. Let us compare the two companies with 10 Dollar Mall.

Clothing Candy - this is an online boutique based in Singapore that mainly sells clothing for women.

Pros of Clothing Candy

  • Low prices - though they offer products at a low price, most of their prices go above $10. (Advantage 10 Dollar Mall)
  • Great Products - They offer great quality products for women from gowns to dresses and tops. (Advantage Clothing Candy)
  • Accepts PayPal - Both Clothing Candy and 10 Dollar Mall accept PayPal payments (Tie)
  • Ships Internationally - Clothing Candy ships to a lot of countries worldwide while 10 Dollar Mall does not.(Advantage Clothing Candy)
  • Accepts customer returns - though Clothing Candy accepts customer returns, it cannot match the 1 year return policy of 10 Dollar Mall (Advantage 10 Dollar Mall)

Cons of Clothing Candy

  • No BBB accreditation - Clothing Candy is not yet accredited by the BBB (Advantage 10 Dollar Mall)
  • No Online Chat - both Clothing Candy and 10 Dollar Mall do not provide online chat (Tie)

Fresh Expression - this is an online store that sells funny t-shirts at low prices

Pros of Fresh Expression

  • T-shirts are extremely funny - the makers of the T-shirts sold by Fresh Expression have a great sense of humor. (Advantage Fresh Expression)
  • Accepts PayPal - Fresh Expression accepts a lot of payment modes including PayPal (Tie)
  • Affordable Prices - the shirts sold by Fresh Expression are affordable but not as affordable as those sold by 10 Dollar Mall (Advantage 10 Dollar Mall)
  • Ships Internationally - Fresh Expression ships to a lot of countries all over the world (Advantage Fresh Expression)

Cons of Fresh Expressoin

  • Does not accept refunds - this is one glaring flaw of Fresh Expression (Advantage 10 Dollar Mall)
  • Not accredited by the BBB - again a weakness that diminishes customer service of Fresh Expression (Advantage 10 Dollar Mall)
  • Product Variety - Fresh Expression only sells t-shirts unlike 10 Dollar Mall that sells a wide variety of products (Advantage 10 Dollar Mall)
10 Dollar Mall: Pricing & packages

10 Dollar Mall sells some of the most affordable clothing products online. You would be surprised at what you could buy at 10 dollars or less.

  • T-shirts for men? T-shirts at 10 Dollar Mall go as low as $3.50 while t-shirts of Fresh Expression sell at $17 each.
  • Dresses for women? Dresses at 10 Dollar Mall go as low as $7.99 while dresses of Clothing Candy go as low as $11 each.
  • Women's tops? Tops for women at 10 Dollar Mall go as low as $4.99 while tops of Clothing Candy go as low as $10 each.
  • Looking for skirts? Skirts at 10 Dollar Mall go as low as $7.99.

I could go on and on and 10 Dollar Mall would still be the clear winner in pricing. The company is really hard to beat when it comes to this category. If you want to save yourself a few bucks, definitely shop at 10 Dollar Mall.

10 Dollar Mall: Product images & screenshots
10 Dollar Mall Coupons
10 Dollar Mall: Customer reviews & comments

Here are some testimonials from satisfied customers:

This is an excerpt from reviewsbynina.blogspot.com - "My first order arrived 4 days after I purchased it, and I was thrilled. The shirts were true to size, great quality and very cute. I did however, notice that one shirt I ordered was notably missing. The customer service was quick and effective and my money was credited to my account in less than 48 hours. Needless to say, I became a loyal customer."

To read the full customer review, click here.

This is an excerpt of a customer review from sitejabber.com - "AMAZING! Literally one of the best online shopping websites out there. I ordered around $100 worth....and I'm in LOVE with every single piece!" - Brittany U

To read the entire review, click here.

This is an excerpt of a customer testimonial taken from Yahoo Answers - "I've purchased stuff from them as well. Just stay clear of the jewelry. You get better quality in one of those .25 cent crank machines. Seriously. But the clothing isn't bad... you get what you pay for." - Wildgrl

To read the entire testimonial, click here.

The Verdict

10 Dollar Mall is an excellent place to shop especially if you are a budget-conscious person. The entity provides some of the lowest prices you would find for clothing products. Also, they have excellent customer service as validated by the A+ rating given by the BBB and the positive customer reviews found all over the internet. If you are a very skeptical person, their 1-year return policy may impress you quite a lot. Because of these factors, 10 Dollar Mall deserves a rating of 5 stars out of 5.

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Comments (1)

This website does NOT in fact have it\'s BBB (Better Business Bureau) approval/accreditation. Not only does it NOT have an A+, it has an F. It also has 20 closed complaints against it, 15 of which are from the past year. Your review is misinformed.   http://www.bbb.org/san-diego/business-reviews/retail-stores/10dollarmall-com-in-chula-vista-ca-23002053#reasonrating    

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