BucketFeet vs Vans: Slip On Shoes Compared
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BucketFeet vs Vans: Slip On Shoes Compared

Bucketfeet will have the slip on shoe for you if you want something unique and made of white canvas. They have artists with unique patterns for each shoe. Vans have more variety in material such as shoes made of leather. The slip on shoes from Vans also tend to be a bit cheaper overall, even factoring in the shipping and other considerations.
Covered in this report
BucketFeet — Best Features
Unique patterns from specific artists instead of just rote patterns.
Artist information available for every slip on shoe pattern on the site.
Best for: Those who like to know who made their slip on shoes.
Vans — Best Features
Those who like to know who made their slip on shoes.
Unique materials for the shoes like leather.
Best for: Those looking for cheaper slip ons with unique materials.
Best deal: Free Shipping With $100 Purchase - [activate coupon]

Slip on shoes are often the perfect item to wear on your feet because they have that combination of comfortability and convenience that often can’t be beat. Here are two examples of slip on shoes including a comparison between them including total costs and general features.


Bucketfeet has over a dozen designs for their slip on shoes available. They also have free shipping, so the cost for most of the shoes is going to be kept fairly low as well.


  • 10% Off First Purchase-This little window comes up when you first enter the site, and if you opt to hit the red button and join, you can get 10% off your slip on shoes, provided it’s the first purchase you make.
  • Free Shipping in the Continental U.S. for Orders Over $50-This has to be within the lower 48 States. If the cost is under $50, then the site charges a flat rate of $5. This will usually ship out the same day if you order on a weekday. If it’s a weekend or holiday, it will take another day or two to ship.
  • Variety of Patterns-There are over 2 dozen different slip on varieties including Pineapple Gold Leather, Vine, Asteroid, the blue Night Science shoes, the cityscape “Chi Line” shoes, and many more. There are leaves and geometric patterns, armadillos, tropical themes and desert themes and more.
  • Slip on Shoe Artist Information-Each shoe type has a picture of the artist who created the pattern the canvas shoe uses so you can see what they look like as well as a little information about who they are and where they are from.
  • Canvas Material-Most all of the slip on shoes on the site are made out of canvas. That is to say, they are likely to be highly comfortable and easy to slip on and slip off again, but they may not be ideal if it’s really cold out or if there’s any precipitation. The white canvas base, of course, also makes it easy to add some of the dazzling patterns that Bucketfeet is known for.


Shoes from Vans, like much of everything else on their site, is definitely aimed at a younger crowd. Many of the shoes are cheaper as well. There’s also a live chat available as well right on the lower right side of the screen as a gray box if you need extra help. Additionally, there’s occasionally free gift cards available when you make purchases online. This sort of promotion comes and goes, however, so it’s important to jump on it while it's around.


  • Online Only Deals-There are plenty of slip on shoes on the site that are only available online, such as the Golden Coast Slip-on. This shoe has a value are around the back with gold and blue checkers throughout.
  • Specific Unique Brands like Disney-There are Disney slip-ons available on the site if you like this sort of thing on your shoes. This includes Minnie mouse, mickey mouse, or Belle, mostly with a true white base.
  • Dozens of Varieties-You can find slip-on shoes of all stripes on the site from overwashed to Pebble Snake to Disney, Vintage, Moon and even Leather.
  • Leather Material-You don’t have to go with just canvas shoes if you don’t want since there are unique materials like the leather ones. This includes regular leather, but also cracked leather and Perf leather as well.
  • Free Shipping for Orders Over $49-Vans also has free shipping if you spend this much on the site.

Head to Head

Total Price with Shipping

Bucket feet has most of their slip on shoes costing between $68 and $88, with some outliers. An example is the Bamboo slip on shoes from Aaron Firestein which go for $68. The shipping from Bucketfeet is free since this is over $50, as long as your shipping to the continental United States.  If this is your first purchase, using the 10% coupon, the whole cost would be just over $60. Some shoes go on sale periodically, such as the Monogram shoes that go for $48. Since this is under $50 though, the total cost would be more like $53.

Vans slip-on shoes are a bit cheaper than those from Bucketfeet on the whole, though they do range. For example, there’s the Disney Slip-on shoe which features one of three characters, and goes for $60. It also has 4.5 stars out of 5 from over 10 reviews. Most of the top sellers are going for $45-$47 or so though.  An example is the Checkerboard slip-on shoe which goes for $47. Shipping is $7 if you don’t get the free shipping. So, as long gas you find a shoe that’s at least $49, it will ship to you for free. You can also buy more than one shoe, or something else with it as well. In addition, you can get free gift cards for buying enough sometimes as well, which can lower the cost even more.

Overall, the slip on shoes from Vans are definitely slightly cheaper on average. It also appears true that Vans has slightly better promotions.


Bucketfeet slip on shoes feature a number of different coloration patterns. Online, the shoes are known for being highly comfortable and unique. People on multiple review sites are saying that they are creative and stylish in a way that’s hard to confuse with any other companies.

Vans have easy to read ratings from customers right on the site, which is something that Bucketfeet doesn’t seem to have. This can give you extra insight into what each shoe is like without having to look elsewhere too much. The site from Vans also has the advantage where you can zoom in on the shoes much more than you can with Bucketfeet, giving you a more close up impression of what the shoes look like.

Overall, there’s no doubt that Vans has far more slip on shoes than Bucketfeet does. However, Bucketfeet patterns appear to be much more one-of-a-kind than Vans which has a lot of basic patterns like checkerboard.

Additional Information
Vans Coupon Code: FREE100 - Free Shipping on Orders $100 or More - Activate
Vans Coupon Code: FREESHIP100 - Free Shipping With $100 Purchase - Activate
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