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GAP is a brand of clothing reflective of the innovative American fashion style.  Founded by Doris and Don Fisher in 1969 inspired by need for good fitting jeans, Gap store was first opened on Ocean Avenue in San Francisco, California. 

For more than forty years, consumers worldwide have enjoyed Gap's classic, up-to-date, casual clothing and accessories that provieds good fashion taste and comfort. Today, Gap is a cultural icon and considered one of the best destinations for clothing essentials like T-shirts, hoodies, great-fitting pants, denim, and even underwear.  Gap brand has evolved into several facets: Gap, GapKids, BabyGap, GapMaternity and GapBody. 

The website is presented with colorful and easy-to-navigate pages where customers can view the latest products, discounts, and seasonal picks.  The site also includes a Gap Size and Fit Information chart to help shoppers find the best size of clothing. 

GAP products can be browsed on the website under these categories: 

Gap: What makes it different?
  • Quality Clothing at Affordable Prices - Customers love GAP clothing due to the simple and classic designs. Gap also offers great discounts for people who are GAP card holders. On several occasions merchandise are marked down to half the price which makes them even more affordable. 
  • Classic Style - GAP clothing styles are classic and timeless.  GAP clothing can easily be paired with many of the clothes in anyone's wardrobe. They never go out of fashion.
  • Clothes for the Whole Family - At GAP stores, the whole family can shop for clothes all in one place. They have Petites and Tall sizes, kids slim and husky sizes, and also baby bedding along with some favorite jeans and favorite dresses!
  • Store Locations - With over 3200 stores worldwide in accessible locations such as malls and metropolitan areas, it is easy to find a GAP shop. 
  • Shipping Convenience- Free shipping is offered on orders over $50.  They also ship worldwide via FromUS2EU. 
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Gap vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Gap)

There are similar sites that sell clothing online which compete with GAP.  These include Banana Republic and MANGO. 

Banana Republic line of clothing began in the 1970s.  It started out by buying, restoring, remodeling, and selling old military surplus clothing.  Now, Banana Republic is a division of Gap Inc. since its acquisition in 1983.  It is presently among the biggest clothing retailers for men’s and women’s apparel with and stores located in over 80 countries worldwide. 

MANGO is a Spanish clothing company which was established in 1984 produces and distributes garments, bags, shoes, and accessories for men and women worldwide. MANGO carries the European style in their products which sets them apart from the American designs.




  • Shopping for the whole family can be done all in one store.
  • Classic designs are easy to match with most clothes.
  • Stores are located in many countries worldwide.


  • Pants materials may be too rough for some people.
  • Colors may be too bright for some.
  • Underwears have a small selection for larger sizes.

 Banana Republic


  • The brand is known for its durability.
  • The clothes are great for ages 20s and above.
  • Many customers commend the good fit of Banana Republic clothes.


  • It's not the cheapest brand around.
  • It doesn't have a children's or teen's line of clothing.
  • Their products have limited color variants.



  • The European style appeals well to the dressier consumers.
  • The MANGO shops are comfortable for the shopper for their ambiance and merchandise organization.
  • The clothes are commended for the wide selection of styles and colors.


  • MANGO products are quite expensive.
  • Store outlets of MANGO are not that many as compared to GAP.
  • They don't sell children's clothes.
Gap: Pricing & packages

Compared below are some items offered by the three online shopping sites: GAP, Banana Republic, and MANGO .  For the purpose of this review, the lowest prices are chosen on similar items. 

Women's Skinny Jeans/ Denim 

GAP: Prices start at $69.95

Banana Republic: Prices start at $69.95

MANGO: Skinny cropped jeans at $59.99

Men's Straight Jeans/ Denim 

GAP: Straight Fit Jeans start at $59.95

Banana Republic: Straight dark wash jeans priced at $69.50

MANGO: Straight - Fit Robert Jeans priced at $59.95

Men's Long-sleeved Oxford Shirt 

GAP:Solid oxford shirt (classic fit) priced at $54.95

Banana Republic:  The Mad Men® Collection non-iron oxford shirt priced at $79.50

MANGO: Plain front slim-fit shirt priced at $59.95

Women's Long-sleeved Peasant Style Blouse 

GAP:Eyelet peasant top priced at $59.95

Banana Republic: Silk peasant blouse priced at $79.50

MANGO:  Plumeti blouse priced at $89.99

Payment Options

GAP:  GAP VISA cards, GapCard, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, JCB, Diners Club, GAP gift cards

Banana Republic: Banana Republic VISA cards, GapCard, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, JCB, Diners Club, Banana Republic gift cards

MANGO:  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Diners credit and debit cards

Baby Gap/Gap Kids Promotion Code:

Gap: Product images & screenshots
Gap Coupons
Gap: Customer reviews & comments

Here are some of the feedbacks given by GAP customers: 

“I made an order from gap and had it sent to my old apartment by accident. I called customer service and explained the situation. They then told me that one of three things could happen : a. being that they would forward the package to my new address b. that the package would be sent back to gap and then sent back to me or c. that the people living in my old apartment kept the package them self. After seeing that the package had arrived to my old apartment, i notified the apartment manager and explained to her. She however informed me that she didn't have my package and that it was probably delivered to the door. I then made another call to customer service and updated them on the status of my package. They apologized about the situation and said that they would resend my order ASAP and they also credited me $5 b/c within the time of delivery the price of my jeans went down. I was totally impressed with their kindness and the fact that they helped me out within 10 minutes. I didn't have to have to fight for something that i rightfully purchased, yet made the mistake of sending elsewhere. For that i appreciate the gap and will always remain a constant shopper. KUDOS TO THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE”

- aotero -

“I'm not a big gap guy, but this is a hip location: I love the rolley walls. 

Most of their clothes are on the cheaper side: but I would recommend checking them out for baseline styles. They generally go for the midrange clothes and prices of the Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic stores. I've never been big on the clothes they sell: but they have some good jeans. 

Check 'em out if you haven't already: this is an especially funky location. I still wonder why they got rid of their original logo though...” - Benjamin M.

Best Available Baby Gap/Gap Kids Coupon:
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Excellent review on GAP. Thank you Athena for your info and loving support.

Great and well researched review. Thanks

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A good review, I find their stuff good value for the price!

You should be very proud of this well done review.

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