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Stitch Fix offers consumers a whole new way to shop. By using their service, you can get the best styles delivered to your door. You try them on, choose whatever you like and then send back what you don’t like.

Stitch Fix team members will always try to send you items that are the perfect fit for your tastes and size. By using their service, you can keep your wardrobe current and enjoy the latest fashions. If you want to stay trendy and do so from the comfort of your own home, this service is right for you.

  • The name is based on getting your “fix”-a set of stylish garments that are so gorgeous that they give you a fashion high.
  • Each package contains 5 different clothing and accessory items for your perusal
  • They have styled for lawyers, singers and nurses. All their clients find their prices affordable and love their selection of clothing.
  • You will receive the charges on your credit card for whatever you keep.
Stitch Fix: What makes it different?
  • Their system is easy to use, once you enter your payment information you can schedule the week in which you want to get your fix
  • Give them your style and size preferences to increase your chances of getting items that suit you
  • Get stylish goodies to try on in the comfort of your own home
  • Match new items with garments that you already own by looking right in the mirror. There is no need to guess or estimate which shades will work well with clothes that you already own.
  • Their trained fashion advisor will look out for accessories to match the clothes you select so that you have a complete outfit from head to toe
  • Stitch Fix is currently in Beta and is open to ideas and suggestions- you can help to make the store into what you need in terms of retail therapy
Stitch Fix vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Stitch Fix)
  • Stitch Fix is unique
  • There are no other stores that offer the kind of service that they offer
  • You can try on whatever you like at home and have a little fashion show for your friends, relatives and other persons. This way they will also be able to share their opinion on which pieces look best on you.
  • You can send back whatever you do not like within each package with Stitch Fix
  • While you may be able to return goods you do not like to several stores if you have problems with them, most establishments will not send you clothes to try on
  • Stitch Fix have a wide selection of fashionable items; you get the most up to date clothes to choose from
  • Clients get free shipping both ways so they get to enjoy putting on and trying out the best fashions with no risk whatsoever
  • Once you let them know what you like, they will style for you. There may sometimes be a bit of a wait while they gather items that they think you will like.
  • They style for a wide range of persons. Whether you are a librarian in the Midwest of a bohemian inNew York, they will put together garments and accessories to suit your tastes.
Stitch Fix: Pricing & packages
  • All packages that are sent to you will attract a styling fee of $20
  • The $20 styling fee is not charged until the day that they ship your package
  • It is not a subscription fee and you will not be charged if you do not request a fix
  • The styling fee is not just a service charge. It is actually applied as a credit towards anything you choose from within the package
  • The styling fee does not roll over to your next fix if you choose items that are below it. So, if a selection of items comes to you it is better to choose items that will at least meet the minimum that you have already been charged.
  • They have a range of prices and pick great clothes to match every budget. Whether you like pricey $200 accessories or attractive $50 dresses, they will have lots of options for you to choose from.
  • Stitch Fix will never apply any charges to your credit card without your permission. You do not have to worry that even when you are not using the service, you will be attracting charges to your credit card.
Stitch Fix: Product images & screenshots
Stitch Fix Coupons
Stitch Fix: Customer reviews & comments

“The package arrives on a Wednesday or Thursday and you have until Monday to try to on the clothes and whatever you don't want, you can return in a prepaid envelope.  Easy-peasy!  All that I paid at the time I placed my order was a $20 styling fee.  The good news is if I decide to purchase something from my Fix, then the $20 will be applied to my order.  There is no obligation for me to purchase anything from my Fix, but if I decide to send everything back, I will forfeit your deposit.  $20 is not a bad price to pay, considering the shipping and returns are free.  And if I buy everything in my Fix, I will receive a 25% on the total purchase.”


March, 2012

“All in all I loved the experience of having my own personal shopper and getting clothes sent to my house.  With my new responsibilities of being a Mom, it’s rare that I have time to go out and shop anymore.  The only downside is that you can’t try things on for size before getting them but that’s pretty much the same as if you bought something online.  This time I decided to go out of my comfort zone a little a probably got too many dresses that I will probably only wear a few times, so next time I am going to go for some more every day pieces that are more my style.”


April, 2012

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This is such a neat idea!  it's too bad they don't ship outside the USA.  Great review, too.

Your article is really very informative to all people. i ll keep in mind your instructions when i shop clothing.

Briefcase, Mens Messenger Bag

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Thanks ;-)

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